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Feb 2013 Huntboard Blog

I spent Dec and some of Jan designing and building a piece of furniture; a "huntboard" or "sideboard", for storing dining room utensils inside the body and temporarily storing food on top of the piece during a meal. These pictures show the evolution of the design, from 50's stereo cabinet to something much more delicate. The software suite that I use, Vectorworks Designer, has an amazing range. Given that I design and build houses, barns, furniture, and landscape - VW handles everything that I do equally well. Designing and modelling in 3D has been a huge help for me in visualizing finished products. In this piece, I was aiming for a delicate look, with generous storage capicity.

The piece ended up with a somewhat more modern version of a shaker look. The natural wood is cherry and the painted panels are poplar with a milk paint finish. The finish is french polish, basically a dozen very thin coats of shellac. With the turned legs, I was aiming for an impression of a ballet dancer's legs on point.