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Off the grid timber frame

Here are a couple of photos of a project that I'm in the process of designing. I will be cutting the frame this fall and probably letting it weather for the winter, before enclosing it in SIP's (structural insulated panels). The house will be well insulated (R32 walls, R40 ceiling of "actual R"). Heat will be combination of passive geo thermal, passive solar, and wood. Electricity will be photovotaic, greywater and rainwater will be reclaimed, toilets will compost.....

I will be posting day to day and week to week progress pictures as I work on this.

Cutting site set-up and lumber delivery

Nov 11 - progress so far - deck and first bent

Nov 23 - 3rd bent is up

Dec 7 - bottom floor complete

Jan 3 - Homestretch

Jan 8 - Frame is complete

Jan 16 Schematic design of exterior

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Off the Grid Timber Frame

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