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Sept 2010 Update

Congratulations on surviving summer? Ours has been very productive, though not always comfortable with the heat and humidity. The past month for Webnash has been about finishing our barn frame, getting rolling on designing the next house to build for clients, getting our home site work further along, and the usual climbing, running, and mt. biking.

This is a rendering of our new barn. The foundation, site, and frame are complete and we plan to be closed in and finishing the interior by the first powder day.
Here are the pictures of our completed frame. Our young helpers have done a very nice job of sanding and oiling the frame where it will show in the completed building, and our blacksmiths (Williamsburg Blacksmiths) has built some absolutely stunning post bases to our specs.
Our stone mason, Chip Paul, has been applying his creative genius to building us a delightfully whimsical and skillful retaining wall while I work on the design for his new house.
Chip and his family's new house will feature a hemlock timber frame which is a scaled up version of this frame that we cut last winter.
Here are some renderings of his new frame, which will be built around a Finnish Contraflow Masonry Heater.
Business is starting to take off for us as we are refining our green and sustainable designs that we started on 25 years ago, before it was popular. SIPs, ICF,s locally harvested timber, and combination of ancient design-build technology and modern innovation are supporting and invigorating us. Please stop by in Monterey to see the projects that are evolving at our site. Enjoy the beautiful autumn season and "be careful out there...".