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Feb 2011 Barn Update
I hope that you are having a great winter. It sure has been an intense one in our neighborhood! We have spent the last month working on the barn, designing the next season's building projects, skiing great powder, and shovelling snow...... Since the last blog we have siding on, all except for the small portion above the shed roof, which has been too snowy and slippery to work on. The siding is vertical pine, stained a warm mustard colored semi-solid. The trim is the same color in a solid stain and the sashes and doors are barn red. All of the siding is spaced off of the building 3/4". We are adament about maintaining airspaces behind all siding and roofing to dissipate moisture and let the siding stay in equilibrium between the weather side and the non-weather side. We didn't get a chance to paint the fascia and cupola due to cold. We hope to get it finished within the next couple of months.
We've got quite a pile of snow from the roof on the addition side. It almost makes it a snow cave.
The back door to the shop is basically a hinged section of wall (R28). The hinges match the nearby post bases and the latch assembly should be done at the blacksmith's tomorrow.
The open addition, which serves as extra workspace, is very well lighted.
The compact downstairs shop space is mostly finished. It only needs the lights installed and a few finishing touches.
Wallboard upstairs and a bathroom will complete the major work on this building. We hope to have it done before breaking ground on our next few projects (3 garages, 2 houses, and some restoration work). We've been deliberating on what type of wallboard/ceilingboard to use for months and it looks like the winner will be painted, beaded pine.
We've been getting some very complimentary and generous feedback about our building, which I have decidedly mixed feelings about. Most of the new buildings that people are exposed to are severely lacking in design, proportion, texture, color, and all of the elements of an elegant structure. Thus, our simple and modest, but well thought out structure strikes a strong note with many people, and I'm honored to be helpful in exposing them to some traditional principals of design and execution.

We have some marvelous clients engaging us, great craftsmen working for us, superb professionals helping us with administration, and many wonderful advocates in our lives. With all of this great energy on our team, I'm looking forward to the best season ever!