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Autumn 2011 Update

Happy Fall! It's been a long time since I've sent out a blog (spring), so many people assumed that I took them off of the list. In fact, it's just been a very busy time.

The artists and craftspeople in my town are holding Monterey Maker's Day, a day of studio visits on Dec 3. If you are local, please come check them out (including our place). A local maker of beautiful willow baskets, Wendy Jenson, has done a great job organizing it, here is the website.

Since the last blog, we've been building a hip roofed stick frame garage and cutting a timber frame for Chip and Michelle, who built our wonderful retaining wall. We finally finished our barn in it's entirety, including railing and bathroom cabinetry.

A friend, Jonathan Doster, took some nice pictures of my barn, so I'll post a few. Jonathan's a fantastic photographer, so check out his website.
Here are a couple of pics of the downstairs. The shop is very compact and designed for mostly hand tool use.
Jonathan was able to capture some of the nuances and angularity of the upstairs.
I'm delighted to have a woodshop, after not having one for over 20 years, and plan to return to some of the furniture building that I was doing in the 80's,such as windsor chairs and Shaker inspired pieces.
Here are a few process pics of a stick framed garage that we're currently working on. I'm being kept in line by
Shannon and Alexandra. The drawing is the roof framing sketched out life-size on the floor.
I'd like to put in a plug for what's been my favorite book of the season, The Anarchist's Toolchest. Also, I will be teaching at least one, and possibly more classes at Heartwood next spring/summer. There will be one on building and using wooden hand planes and probably another one on timber frame design using Vectorworks Architect CAD software.

I hope that we'll see you for our open house on Dec 3, between 10am and 4pm.

As usual, please feel to check out our other blogs. Some of them are instructional in nature.

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