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Wow, it's been some winter and spring! Not much skiing for me, new plow is still looking brand new, but lots of early season mt biking...

We've finally slowed down this winter and I have been mostly working alone in the shop, or on our own house. Our 100 year old house was very poorly renovated before we bought it and presents many challenges in "re-renovating". Here are some pictures of the arts and crafts style of woodwork that we decided to go with.
I started designing a barn for a client, which will be constructed this fall. I've been wanting to combine Dutch style anchor beams with hammer trusses for a while.
After a 25 year hiatus, I've jumped back on the Windsor chair bandwagon and am working on modifying a couple of basic designs. Here is the latest Continuous Arm Chair.
Here is a step by step pictoral record of building this chair.